Simply put: Calligraphy Cut is revolutionizing the way we cut hair.

The pen uses three patented angles to maximize the amount of surface area created at the end of every strand. Each and every hair strand gets a super healthy cut- one that has more bounce, shine, and movement than even the sharpest pair of scissors.  

Your hair will be healthier, have more volume, be easier to style, shinier, bouncier, and just all around more amazing! 

You've got to see it to believe it! Check out these amazing pictures of hair under a microscope. The difference is clear: Calligraphy Cut provides a cleaner, healthier cut while maximizing the surface area at the end of the strand. 


How did you get into Calligraphy Cut? 

I was approached in Nov 2017 as a part of a small group of people at the salon I was working at to attend a three day education program from this "new & exciting" hair cutting technique, Calligraphy Cut. 

I admit, I was a skeptic at first. It's just a glorified razor cut... right? 

I could not have been more mistaken! Calligraphy Cut is revolutionary in the way we cut hair, and can create so many varied and gorgeous results in hair. Time after time, I was impressed with the results and creative freedom Calligraphy Cut allowed me to have as a hairstylist. 


After the initial Black Star Calligraphy Cut training, I opted to continue on and complete their Silver & eventually Gold level trainings. Starting in 2022, I will be beginning the process to become a Calligraphy Cut educator to help other hairstylists learn and share the love of the Calligraphy Pen! 

I've had clients travel from far & wide for the Calligraphy Cut. All the way from North & South Dakota, Iowa, Missouri, Virginia, Wisconsin, and beyond! It really *IS* worth the hype! 


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