What is Calligraphy Cut?

Updated: Apr 11

Created by Frank Brormann in Germany about 10 years ago, the Calligraphy Pen is a revolutionary new tool that maximizes the potential in your hair.

Frank was inspired to create the Calligraphy Pen when he was cutting flower stems at his home. He realized that a scissors pinches the stems, while a super sharp chef's knife at an angle yielded a fresher and wider cut. The flowers stayed healthier for longer and had beautiful blooms. He then thought that perhaps this concept could be applied to haircutting.

David Colonna, co-owner of NV the Salon in Boston, says "The tool allows the stylist to cut every strand of hair at a perfect 21-degree angle resulting about 300% larger surface area on each strand. ... It's like upgrading from a 1-carat diamond to a 3-carat diamond."

When people think of a razor cut, often there is a lot of negative perception. Sometimes for good reason! A traditional razor tends to shred the hair, and clients often remark on the lack of healthy feeling from razor cuts. The Calligraphy Pen is a blade, but the patented angle allows for hair to be cut in the healthiest fashion possible. The difference can be seen in these microscopic images.

Calligraphy Cut can be customized and tailored to your needs! For those with fine hair, lots of movement and volume can be added to the style. Unruly thick hair? Calligraphy Cut can be used to remove bulk and collapse the shape without damaging or shredding hair. Curls? Calligraphy Cut can be used to sculpt and add shine to curls. Whatever your hair type, Calligraphy Cut can be used to enhance your style and create effortless, beautiful hair.

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