Oh hey! I'm Elizabeth Campbell

Nice to meet you!

I'm a certified Gold Star Calligraphy Cut Artist, curl specialist, balayage artist, and onsite bridal stylist. One of my greatest joys is helping women celebrate their natural beauty and enhancing it to its fullest potential. I'm also a Kevin.Murphy product enthusiast & Platinum.Key Educator. 

Besides the hair world- I'm a baby girl mom, dog lover, cooking foodie type of person. Always jamming to a musical, & can't wait to see the next Start Wars show. Forever an optimist, & chronically guilty of overdressing for the occasion. Stumbling my way through life in the suburbs when my heart lives in the city, & plotting my next (post-covid) trip. 

If any of that sounds like your jam, let's be friends. 

Elizabeth XX



4 Fun Facts About Me

I'm a soprano with an alto's heart

I have three dogs & one baby girl
(oh, and my husband too)

I live with chronic migraine & stay healthy with home cooking from scratch

I've lived in some part of MN for my whole life


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