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I grew up a creative kid- loved theatre, choir, and dressing up just for the fun of it. After dabbling in theatre & communications in college, I knew I needed a job that could marry my creative passions with a long-lasting career! Enter beauty school. What a happy surprise, because hair quickly became my passion and the best career a girl could dream up! I have now been in the industry for over 6 years. Every moment has exciting learning challenges and amazing points of connection with my clients. 


Having curly hair my whole life also gave me a deep appreciation for the struggle we all go through with our hair! I've learned to love and accept my natural texture, and my goal as a stylist is to help you feel the same! My own personal journey for finding the best, easiest, and healthiest ways of taking care of my own hair has helped me find AMAZING products/cuts/colors/styling techniques/and so much more that I just LOVE sharing with clients! Any hair hacks we have to make life easier, right? 



I am a firm believer in education; by keeping up with the latest classes and trends, I can always bring the best to my clients! In addition to styling, I educate with Kevin.Murphy and (soon to be!) Calligraphy Cut America. I love sharing the passion with other stylists! Every class I teach... I try to come away with more knowledge than I gave. Bringing all of this excitement back to my clients is the ultimate gift. 



My specialities include balayage, calligraphy cut, and curls. I've honed these skills with many hours in the salon, plenty of specialized classes, and a great love for the work I do.  Let's make magic together!

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When I'm not creating hair magic at the salon, I can most likely be found at home hanging out with my husband and three (!!!) dogs. The best evenings include cooking our favorite meals (we continually try to out-chef one another), followed by pup snuggles and recapping GOT. 

Reading helps me unwind after long day, and I'm always game to talk about my latest book...or the one that's always going unfinished on my shelf! 

If I'm not at home, hopefully I'm on a fabulous trip or at the newest hip restaurant in town! Those are two of my favorite things to do- I'm always looking for ideas for the next place to check out if you've got it! 

I'm basically your average 30-something, wondering what to put in the InstantPot next, if you're never too old for costumes, or if by looking at me you can tell I practically have Harry Potter memorized.